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Vanishing Ink is Sydney’s premier laser tattoo removal clinic. Our business philosophy is simple and that is, to do one thing and to do it well – tattoo removal is all we do.

We established Vanishing Ink in 2011 to provide a specialist tattoo removal service to Sydney and the Northern Beaches and we remain family owned and operated today. Since opening, we’ve performed more than 13,000 tattoo removal treatments on more than 1800 clients from all over Sydney and other parts of the state and country.

If you have a tattoo that you are considering removing, it is very likely that we can show you progress or completion photos of a similar tattoo, on the same skin type and bodily location as yours.

At Vanishing Ink, we won’t cut your hair, spray you a tan, laser your toenails or treat your wrinkles, but we will ensure that together we achieve your